Still Growing: A Personal Blog Post

Anyone who knows me well knows that I struggle to talk about my real life stuff but throughout this year I have learnt the importance of being more open. 🙈


When I went into 2018 I was at a pretty low point where I was really unhappy as a person and I didn't really know why. It was all put down to anxiety and I was pushed from pill to pill to try and find the right fix for the way I was feeling. 


Around April, I think, I gathered up the courage to start speaking to a professional about my mental health. I started seeing someone at Starfish and the whole experience changed my life. It completely changed my outlook on everything that was happening. 


I started to figure out the reasons that I was so unhappy and part of that was that I had gotten so used to doing things to please other people and not thinking about what is best for me. Another part was that I was not open enough about my feelings - apparently bottling it up is bad for you? 😅


While I was getting help I was able to take myself off all medication, which I am still completely clean from now! I still have problems with anxiety but as long as I keep doing what I know works then I will be able to keep growing. I have my bad days, like everyone, but now I know the harm that can be done by not fighting and just getting by.


Here is hoping for a better year, bring on 2019!

Jessica xox