Twenty Facts About Me [Part 01]

I am 25
I am a quarter of a century old, my dad likes to remind me of this often! He likes to make me feel old !!

At the moment my hair is half red and half black
As soon as I got to university I had the freedom to start messing with my appearance. I would change the colour of my hair every week without fail... Until I realised how much of a mess my hair was in, then it had to stop! I can only dye it once every few month now and I am sticking with the same colours, for now. 

I have 28 piercings
I have too many to list, a lot are in my ears and my lobes are stretched to 10mm. I decided to stop at 10mm because if I didn't pick a stopping point then I would keep going. I have only ever had to take one piercing out and that was on my chest, after a year it still didnt heal right so unfortunately it had to go.

I have 7 tattoos
For my first tattoo I was being a rebel and I sloped off and got it done without my parents knowing. I wish I had spoken to my parents first because they might have been able to give me some advice about where to go for a decent tattoo. I regretted it so much that I had to get it covered over with a new tattoo which is 10,000 times better.

My dad has contributed to my body art by picking artwork and also paying towards them as birthday presents. He has no tattoos of his own but he is very supportive of me getting my skin covered. 

I take goofy photos
I find it difficult to take 'nice' photos, I don't particularly have great confidence but when I change my look I take a new goofy selfie. The best photographs of me are with people who I love - that's kind of a given though. 

I don’t iron my clothes
My dad and my fella tend to make comments on my clothes never being ironed but they still can't get me to iron my clothes. Unless I have an important event coming up then I don't make the time to do it. People who iron their clothes before putting them away clearly have too much spare time. 

I live on my own
All part of being a grown up! I have been living on my own for over a year now. I love the independence, I can come and go as I please without having to answer to people... I say that but I am a little bit of a hermit so I really don't 'come and go'.

I am currently long term cat sitting
At the moment I am looking after my sister's cat, she is very low maintenance so I really don't mind. We didn't get on at first but now we are best buds, I spoil her rotten and she doesn't poop on my floor anymore. 

I love Scotland
I have never been on a plane, I did go to France when I was younger but we took a ferry and it doesn't even count since I was too young to even remember it. My favorite holiday destination is Scotland, we go on trekking holidays so we walk around and we see the sights.

I am a nerd
I love Marvel, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Anime, Manga and Disney. I collect Pop Vinyls. I am a gamer but in the most basic form, Lego games are my forte. 


These are the first ten facts about me, the next ten are coming on the next post :)