Twenty Facts About Me [Part 02]

I am a vegetarian
I chose to be a vegetarian for moral reasons and I feel very strongly about it. That being said I am not one of them people who are happy to debate it, I do not judge anyone for their choices whether they eat meat or not. 

I do not watch the news
There is so much terrible stuff happening in the world so I take the immature approach of avoiding everything that I do not have to deal with. With a world of negative news I would like to try and focus on the positives and it would be so hard to do that if I did watch the news. 

I have a degree in Textiles and Surface Design
I studied at CCAD in Hartlepool, I learnt a lot while I was there and developed a lot of new skills. I learnt how to crochet, embroidery, design, making and laser cutting and it definitely increased my knowledge of the creative industry.

I like cute and creepy stuff
I am still an emo kid and not just at heart, its a piece of me that isn't going away in a hurry. My nana is still hoping that it is a phase that I will grow out of but I highly doubt that will ever happen.

I have a creative day job
Through the day I work at Zap Creatives! I got the job straight out of university and I have been there since. My role has changed a few times since I started but I am happy with changes and pushing myself to learn something new. University set me up for this job, I am lucky to be where I am now. 

I am the middle child
I have an older sister and a younger brother. When my mother and father were my age we were all born so I like to think that I am more sensible than them. 

I have a Blackberry
At the minute I am using a Blackberry PRIV, it runs on an Android operating system. I don't think I could use a phone without a keyboard now but I guess I will have to learn one day since this is the last phone that Blackberry are making... RIP Blackberry 

I couldn't design without Adobe Illustrator
I used AI every day without fail, whether it is at my day job or working on my own business. I use my Surface Pro 3 for my own work and I couldn't do any of it without this magical piece of kit.

I have never been on a plane
Like I mentioned before, I have only been to France on a ferry and I was very young so it doesn't count. I would love to start travelling, I would have to start small though, I'm pretty scared of the thought of getting on a plane but I guess that is because I have never been on one. 

I struggle to come up with 20 facts about myself
This was really hard!