New Stuff!

So, I had a period of focusing on my day job. It has been way too busy for me to get all the work done during the day so there have been nights of taking work home, working weekends etc to keep everything afloat. Even when I wasn't working at home I would come home and crash after a busy day.

But now I have good news, we have a new member of staff! They are going to help me out so I don't have so much on me. That is a huge relief for me!!

This weekend I have done some of my drawing and I have worked on my photographs for new products that I have had over a month. Finally, they are launched and available to buy so I am so glad that I can hopefully start getting a response on the work I have been doing. 

I am very much looking forward to continuing my own small creative business and seeing where I can go with it. 

Thank you for reading!

Jessica xox