Kickstarter Update: Finally getting somewhere...

Hey guys!

So, I have another update from my manufacturer...

As I said before my manufacturer could not produce the virus pins in their factory so they outsourced it to another factory. I received an update of a picture which shows that the pins are actually clear this time so I am thrilled about that! 

The T-Virus Pin 
The T-Virus Pin

There was an issue though; when the other factory shipped the pins to my manufacturer the pin backs have broken off. I expressed my frustration to my manufacturer, they completely understood my issue and they have paid to ship out the pins which they have had finished for a while now. 

The T-Virus Pin 
The T-Virus Pin

The Licker, The Zombie Doberman and The Tyrant Pins have been dispatched from my manufacturer and they are due to arrive with me on Wednesday 28th November. 

As for The Virus and Anti-Virus Pins... My manufacturer is reconstructing the pins and once they are finished they will be shipped out to me. 

I am so sorry for the wait for everyone but at least this way I will be able to start fulfilling some Kickstarter pledges! :)

I had a few messages from people asking to add on pins to their order. I will be getting in touch with these people to check if you still want to add to your order before I dispatch anything. 

Thank you guys for being so patient, 
Jessica xox